Valmont group personal data protection policy

Preamble: Our Group 

CVL COSMETICS SA - Place du Port 1 1110 Morges, SWITZERLAND (hereinafter “CVL,” “We” or “Us”) is responsible for processing your personal information.

The security and privacy of your personal information is of the utmost importance for CVL. This Personal Data Protection Policy sets out the terms and conditions relating to protection of your personal information, which is the basis for our processing of all personal information you provide through use of the website and sale of products via this site.

Please read the following policy attentively to understand our practices with regard to your personal information and how it is processed, as well as the use of cookies on our site.


1 What types of data do we collect? 

1.1 You provide the following information when filling out forms and registering on our site, or submitting a contact request via the contact form, or subscribing to our newsletter, or during the ordering and purchase process:

First and last name 

Email address

Date of birth


Telephone number

Mailing address

Purchase history

Credit card payment information for transactions on our site.

The email address linked to your PayPal account if you have used PayPal to make a purchase on our site.

1.2 If you contact us by email or via a contact form, we may keep a record of the existence and content of such exchanges.

1.3 We may keep information concerning your visits to the website, traffic and location data, web log files and other communication data, as well as the resources you access, should such information prove necessary for our own marketing or other purposes. Please see the section on cookies below for more information on how we use such data.


2. Where, how and for how long is your personal information stored? 

2.1 Your personal information is stored in databases connected to our websites, hosted by our service provider, OVH, at the server location. These servers are secured and governed by our service providers’ Privacy Policies. In this context, we may transfer your personal information abroad, including to countries that do not provide the same level of protection as your country of residence. Prior to any such transfers, we take appropriate measures to protect your personal information. We may also transfer personal information with your express consent, and in certain cases when authorized by applicable laws.

2.2 We regularly perform automatic backups of our databases, which are also stored on our web servers. Should you request that your personal information be deleted, all saved information will also be deleted from our backups at the end of the cycle.

2.3 Please note that the password you created upon registering on our website, which is necessary to access certain parts of the site, is strictly private. You are responsible for keeping your password secret to protect your personal information.

2.4 Our websites apply a variety of technical security features, as well as communication and organization protocols. Authentication tools are encrypted to ensure the safety of your personal information.

2.5 We store your personal information for the duration necessary for processing and for as long as we have a legitimate interest in maintaining such information. These interests may include executing or protecting ourselves from claims or for maintaining accurate records. We also keep your personal information for as long as permitted by law.

3. Use of your personal information 

3.1 We use your personal information to:

- enhance site display and various other features;

- provide an optimal browsing experience on our sites;

- help you purchase products for sale on our site;

- communicate with you and manage our relationship with you;

- promote our products and services, including by sending alerts, messages, invitations, etc.;

- comply with our legal and regulatory obligations;

-  offer you the information or products best suited to your needs and most likely to be of interest to you. We provide this service only if you have consented to receiving such information from us.

3.2 Please note that in the event of a problem concerning an order or exchange on our website, we may use your personal information to contact you via one of our subsidiaries. 


4. How can you access your personal information and/or request that your information be corrected or deleted?              

4.1 You may access your personal information in the “Account” section of the site. The section is available at any time by logging in with your email address and the private password you created upon registering. You may also access your personal information by contacting us by email, postal mail, telephone, or via the contact form. All contact information is provided on the contact page available here.

4.2 You may also inform us of any correction to be made to your personal information. Should you notice a mistake in your personal information, you may use the means of contact mentioned above to request that your information be supplemented, corrected or clarified.

4.3 Should you lose or forget your password, or if you believe it has been communicated to a third party, you may use the “Forgot Your Password?” function at any time to request an email message containing a link to create a new secure password.

4.4 If you wish to delete your personal information on our site, you may use the “Delete My Account” menu in the “Account” section. Your user account will be deleted, and your personal information will become anonymous within our systems. However, when required by law, we may keep a record of your personal information.


5. Who has access to your personal information? 

5.1 Valmont Group employees responsible for processing orders placed on our website, members of technical teams in charge of maintaining and ensuring proper functioning of the site, employees in the Customer Relations Department responsible for processing contact requests via our contact forms.

5.2 Potentially, service providers working on our websites or a Valmont Group app.

5.3 We require our employees and service providers to systematically abide by applicable laws concerning personal data protection and to pay particular attention to the privacy of said data.

5.4 All persons liable to have access to your personal information are bound by a privacy policy.


6. Your rights 

6.1 You may choose to stop receiving emails containing news or information about Valmont Group at any time. To exercise this right, go to the “Subscribe to the Newsletter” sub-menu of the “Account” section.

6.2 You may choose to switch off cookies from our site. To do so, see the “Cookies” section of this policy.

6.3 As explained in article 4 above, you have the right, at any time, to request access to your personal information, to request that your personal information be modified or deleted, and to withdraw your consent regarding processing of your personal information. To do so, contact us by email, postal mail, telephone, or via the contact form. All contact information is provided on the contact page available here.

6.4 In the event of a data breach or hacking of our sites or internal IT system, we are obligated to inform you of the issue so that you may take the necessary measures. 

We are particularly mindful of the importance of safeguarding your data. As a result, this Personal Data Protection Policy will evolve. Updates will be performed on this page and you will be informed in due time.



1. What is a cookie? 

1.1 A cookie is like a small text file stored on your device (computer, tablet or mobile device) when you navigate on websites, and, in this case, Valmont Group sites. Cookies help us remember you following authentication, to memorize your navigation preferences or the content of an electronic shopping cart.

1.2 Cookies are stored as simple text files and are not executable. They are neither spyware nor viruses.

1.3 Without cookies, certain website features would no longer function, such as shopping carts or sites requiring users to log in with a user ID and password.


2. What cookies do we use on our sites? 

2.1 We mainly use cookies to make your navigation on our sites more enjoyable, as well as for certain features that are essential for e-commerce sites (such as secure individual user sessions and shopping carts) and to recognize you upon future logins.

2.2 We may also use cookies to provide anonymous traffic statistics for our site. Our sites are connected to Google Analytics, a service provided by Google Inc. and bound by Google’s privacy policy. Data is anonymized before being transferred to Google servers to establish traffic and navigation statistics for the website in question. For more information on Google’s use of data, please visit:

3. Configuring cookies on your web browser 

Your browser’s default settings accept cookies. If you wish to deactivate cookies, you may use the guides below, depending on your browser. Please be aware that certain features on our site may not function if you deactivate cookies.

Internet Explorer:






4. More information about cookies (French) or (English).